Do I really need a Graphic Designer?


However… if you want to be taken seriously then yes indeed, of course you do 😉.

You could design your own logo, flyer and business card but believe me people can tell. There is something inside all of us, naturally occurring, that picks up on designer hack jobs. It’s the tiny detail, the out-of-place pixel, the colour mismatch, the vomitty feeling when it’s just all wrong.

Don’t feel bad, it’s ok to refer to people that have studied hard and understand the technical stuff. After all, you would try and do your own knee operation or fly yourself to your overseas holiday?

Graphic design shouldn’t be cheap, you get what you pay for. But on the flipside it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Pay for quality and genuine business interest.

You need professionalism

Someone who understands the importance of looking right. Who can ‘get you’ and create accordingly. You need someone who will listen but who will also apply logic and great design.

Get it together, consistency is the key

Do you notice how every big, well developed and trusted brand have one thing in common? They all have consistency in their branding. Couple of fonts, couple of colours, rinse and repeat.

Time and efficiency

You can spend time creating your own items but why on earth would you? Don’t you have a business to run?


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